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We owe it to MYOB software to help us achieve our sales targets!







It has been a good year in 2012 and 2011. We won the sales award for every quarter in 2012 and 2011. Thanks for the support of our clients, friends and partners.

We are very thankful that we have made an impact in our client's business, as much as they have made an impact in our business. 

If you are serious in your business, so are we. 

When you put your trust in our services, we will make sure you have a fully implemented accounting and payroll solution, no matter how long or tedious it is to arrive at the end result.  We are very serious that you should automate every aspect of your business, in order to move ahead of your competitors.

How did we achieve the sales? By using MYOB software of course, to give us realtime status of our performance 

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HRDF Certification in Training


HRDF / PSMB Train The Trainer certificate

Note : The trainer certificate above is for display purposes only. It CANNOT be reproduced for claim purposes without our permission.


Certificate for MYOB Malaysia Authorised Professional Partner

We received our certificate to act as MYOB Malaysia Authorised Professional Partner for 2013.  This certificate has to renewed yearly, by sitting for a written assessment which tests us on all aspects of MYOB Accounting software, MYOB Payroll and MYOB Retail Manager. We have been certified as MYOB Partners since 1997.


MYOB Authorised Professional Partner for 2013


Sales Award 2012 - Qtr 1

 2012 Sales Award - 3rd placing

 2012 Sales Award - 3rd placing


Sales Awards - 2011 - Qtr 2

MYOB South Asia Highest Sales Award

2011- Qtr 2 : Bronze Award



Sales Awards 2011 - Qtr 1

 MYOB Top sales award 2011

2011 Qtr 1 : bronze award 


Sales Award 2010 Qtr 1

Sales Award 2010

2010 - Qtr 1 : bronze award 


Sales Award 2008

Bronze partner award 2008   

 2008 : Bronze Partner 





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