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MYOB Setup, Training and Support

We are fully committed to make the MYOB software work for you at the maximum level it was designed for.

We understand that everyone of us have different learning curves.  Therefore we have designed several training programmes to meet your immediate needs and long term goals


Words that describe our services

The following words describe the value of our services. All our customers have benefited from our service level based on these values.

Should we fail to conduct our services based on the values mentioned below, we will fully refund whatever service portion you have paid.


MYOB Onsite training

We offer 2 types of onsite training packages to setup the MYOB software for your business, big or small.  

1. Getting started right,  a 4-12 hour training package that gives you sufficient information for you to get started on computerising your business.

2. Complete Implementation package, a training and implementation package for business owners who wants to get more out of the MYOB software.  We will step into the shoes of your accountant for a brief period, just sufficient for us to fully understand your business, and to give you the reports that you need to run your business effectively.

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What can we, your MYOB Professional Partner do for your business?

As a certified MYOB Professional Partner, we are the MYOB experts that can help you make the most of MYOB business software. 

Every purchase of MYOB software comes with free 30 days introductory technical support - assistance via the phone, fax or email. 

If you require more support - customised training, form customisation, data migration, extended support period to assist you to get the software up and running, preparation of customised training manual, etc, we are happy to assist you. 


How we determine our charges

We are guided by this principle when we determine our services charges:

In order to be successful in business, we have to sell our goods and services at a profit, and satisfy our customers at the same time.

If we satisfy our customers but fail to make a profit, we will  soon be out of  business.

If we make a profit without satisfying our customers, we will soon be out of customers.


MYOB support services

Need quick and immediate support for your MYOB Accounting software?  Or support for MYOB Payroll and MYOB RetailManager software? 

We have several support programs which might just meet your needs.