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MYOB Training

We have several types of MYOB training and support packages for you to consider :

Which form of training or support do you require?  It depends entirely on your past experience in setting up an accounting system. 

There are many other companies that conduct similar form of MYOB Training, but how the training is conducted, and by whom, sometimes that little bit of information can make a big difference to ensure your own success story. 

Our training courses focus on task based activities and hands on participation.  


HRDF Certified Trainer

Good news to MYOB users!   We are glad to announce that our Company's MYOB trainer is  now an approved HRDF Certified Trainer.  This means that if your Company contributes to the HRDF, you can make a claim for rebate of the training fees, which effectively means your training is FREE. 

Click to view the HRDF certification



MYOB Classroom Training in KL

Classroom training for MYOB Accounting and MYOB Payroll

If you prefer to attend training in a classroom environment, away from the office, you can opt to attend training at our training centre in KL.

Each class is limited to a maximum of 12 persons, each with individual PC.   The training is conducted by an experienced MYOB trainer.

See MYOB Classroom Training Schedule   for the latest training dates and training fees for MYOB classroom training conducted at our training centre in Kuchai Business Park, Jalan Kuchai Lama, KL


On-site training 

We offer 2 packages of on-site training:

1. Getting started right

2. Complete Implementation package 

The training is a personalised training, customised to your company needs.   Our consultant will discuss with you your needs, your constraints and your timeline in order to be able to come up with a training schedule that will meet your requirement.  


MYOB Business Support

MYOB Business Support membership  is a yearly subscription to a phone-based support plan.  During the subscription period, you are entitled to FREE technical support, and FREE software updates. .

What is covered under the MYOB Business Support membership?