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Which ABSS Accounting Product is right for me

There are 3 main versions of the MYOB Accounting - windows family, namely

In order to help you decide which ABSS / MYOB Accounting software is suitable for you,  here are some questions to help you find the correct ABSS accounting software for your business

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Product comparison chart - ABSS Accounting software

 Product comparison chart                 


ABSS Accounting v28          

ABSS Premier v23          

 Compliant with Windows    Windows 10 Windows 10
 Included support for your product  30 days
 30 days
 Easy set-up assistant    Yes Yes
 Company file upgrade assistant   Yes Yes
 Templates upgrade assistant   Yes Yes
 Help files  Yes Yes
 Track GST   Yes Yes
 Links with Microsoft Office  Yes Yes
 Multiple users   - Yes
 Multiple currencies   - Yes
 Time billing    - Yes
 Compatible with most POS software   Yes Yes
 Manage Your Books
 Supported to work across a network   - Yes
 Include contact log, and 'To Do' List
  Yes Yes
 Company file auditor  Yes Yes
 Track data by category   Yes Yes
 Track and report on Jobs   Yes Yes
 Create budget
  Enhanced Enhanced
 Setup Recurring transactions
  Enhanced Enhanced
 Email options
  Enhanced Enhanced
 Secure your books
 User account to manage access rights
 Enhanced Enhanced
 Secure data by locking financial periods from editing  Yes Yes
 Generate reports
 Integrated reporting  Yes Yes
 Export reports to Excel   Yes Yes
 Send reports by email or fax  Yes Yes
 Export reports in PDF, HTML, CSV, or text  Yes Yes
 Statement of CashFlow  Yes Yes
 Itemised remittance advice & customer statement  Yes Yes
 Print preview  Yes Yes
 Manage Your Sales, Purchase & Inventory
 Create inventory item for sale  Yes Yes
 Create quotes   Yes Yes
 Generate & Print Sales Invoices    Yes Yes
 Manage stock level  Yes Yes
 Create and print purchase order   Yes Yes
 Create Purchase order from a sales quote or   order   Yes Yes
 Track sales orders and back orders  Yes Yes
 Autobuilds inventory from other items in stock  Yes Yes
 Allow Negative inventory  - Yes
 Customise inventory price levels and quantity breaks  - Yes
 Multi stock location    - Yes
 Manage Payment
 Manage debtors payment & customer aging analysis   Yes Yes
 Pay & track expenses   Yes Yes
 Manage creditors payment & supplier aging analysis      Yes  Yes

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