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Why is my logo not displaying in MYOB customised forms

MYOB Accounting software allows you customise the pre-designed business forms by adding your logo onto the forms.  Forms such as sales invoices, purchase orders, delivery orders, payment vouchers, official receipts and statement can be printed, email, or fax from MYOB.  

If you are unable to view the logo upon print preview, or upon emailing the forms, it is most likely that you do not have the QuickTime software installed on your computer.   

To install QuickTime software, select one of the following options:

1. Download QuickTime from

2. Download QuickTime from the MYOB installation CD. 

  • Insert MYOB installation CD onto your CD drive
  • You should see a folder called 'Resources'.
  • Double click on Apple QuickTime
  • Click Install QuickTime
  • Click next to begin QuickTime installation  

Once you've finished installing QuickTime, you should be able to view your logo on the pdf files that you emailed out.

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