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MYOB Accounting - detailed features with screenshots

MYOB Accounting - detailed features with screenshots - Purchases Command Centre

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MYOB Accounting - detailed features with screenshots
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Purchases Command Centre

The Purchases Command Centre is the place to go when you want to keep track of purchases and payments to suppliers.

This is a 'mirror' image of the Sales Command Centre 

Screenshot : Purchases Command centre 

Purchases Command centre

Purchase register

Open the Purchase register to view the Open Bills, Closed Bills, Quotes, and Orders Outstanding, for all suppliers or a for a selected supplier. 

Screenshot : Purchase Register 

Purchase register

You can drill down from this list to see the actual recorded transaction

Enter Purchases 

Use this function to prepare a Purchase Order to your supplier, and then turn it into a Bill when the items are delivered.

After you record the purchase transaction, you can print or email the documents (Purchase Order) to the supplier.   The forms can be customised.

After you've clicked the 'Record' button, MYOB software will create the journal entries for you, and immediately post to the General Ledger, Purchase Ledger and Trial balance for you.  So you can immediately view and print your financial statements (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet,  Supplier  Ledger, Supplier Aging etc) without waiting for month end (or year end) 'processing'

Pay Bills  / Print / Email Remittance Advice

Choose which bills to pay your supplier, and enter exactly how much to pay.

Screenshot : Pay Bills to supplier 

Paying Suppliers

Once you record the payment, click Print Cheques to choose the cheques to print, and then email your supplier the payment notification to let them know payment is on the way.