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MYOB Accounting - detailed features with screenshots

MYOB Accounting - detailed features with screenshots - MYOB Tools and Reporting

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MYOB Accounting - detailed features with screenshots
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MYOB Tools & Reporting

MYOB Tools 

There are several helpful tools in MYOB to help you get the most of the MYOB software.

To Do List

Because MYOB software is designed for the busy business owner, it has a dedicated  window that summarises the key important areas of your business.  

The To Do List window lets you have an overview of the things you need to take action, such as outstanding bills to pay, outstanding invoices to collect, and reminders of orders to fulfil, stocks  to order and persons to contact.  

You can set the To Do List to be displayed when starting your MYOB datafile. 

Screen shot : MYOB To Do List

MYOb To Do List

View the Accounts Receivable (A/R) and  Accounts Payable  (A/P) listing sorted by due date, with the oldest invoice on the top of the list. This enable you to take immediate action to recover the debts, or to pay your bills.  You can record payments in this window also.  

Other tasks you can do in the To Do List window

  • View the list of recurring transactions (payments, sales, purchases) with the next due date.
  • View all your current sales orders and purchase orders, sorted by promised date (if specified) 
  • View a list of open bills for which you can still receive early payment discounts from the suppliers.  
  • Also view a list of stock items that you need to reorder if the quantity on hand falls below the minimum level set in the Buying Details.     
  • And lastly, view a list of contacts that are now due to be contacted on its recontact date.  This ensures you will never miss a deadline with your customers, suppliers or employees

Find Transactions  

The MYOB software stores thousands of business records of your business.   

You need to be able to easily look for your records and transactions.  MYOB has a special button aptly called  'Find Transactions'.  

Screenshot : Find Transaction window 

Find transaction in MYOB

This window allows you to search by  account codes, customer or supplier names, invoice numbers, job codes and stock codes.  You can  use advanced filters to narrow your search by date range, amount range, reference numbers, and even wildcards used in the memo and payee name.

Once you find the record you are looking for, you can click on the arrow button on the left to drill down to see the original transaction.  

Edit transactions 

You can edit the transaction if the arrow in the Transaction Journal is white in colour.  If the arrow is greyed out, you cannot edit the transaction.  To set the  preferences, you need to go Setup module.  

Recurring transactions

To save time, and more importantly, to ensure consistency, all transactions in MYOB can be saved as 'Recurring Transaction'.   

Recurring transactions are great for regular payments such as salary, rental and utility bills.  It is also useful for once a year journal entry for depreciaition  or accruals,   and even for ad-hoc purchases of services and goods.


MYOB Reporting

MYOB Reports are  customisable, and provide information-on-demand

There are over 150 financial and management reports that gives you a summarised and detailed information-on-demand on the state of your business.   The reports are organised into modules so retrieving them is easy.

 Screenshot : Index To MYOB Reports   

 MYOB Reports

Since MYOB update the accounts after each recorded transaction, you can therefore have the latest financial status and reports such as Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Aged Receivables, Payables Listing, Stock List, at any time you want. 

MYOB will prepare the final accounts behind the scene, without you having to do much. 

Customising reports in MYOB 

You can customise the content and look of your reports. 

Screenshot : MYOB Report Customisation window

Customise report in MYOB

You can filter your reports to include only a particular account or range of accounts, a particular customer, or specific details such as last contact date.   You can add or hide  report fields, and save these reports as favourites in the Reports menu

Exporting reports to Excel

All reports can be sent to Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, or emailed as a PDF with one click. 

Screenshot : MYOB Export 

Send To Excel

You can also convert the reports to comma-separated or tab-delimited ASCII formatted text files for purposes of exporting to other systems.