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To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade your MYOB software

As users of MYOB software (or for that matter, any software),  you are often faced with the decision of whether or not to upgrade your MYOB software when a new version is released.   

What are the circumstances when you need to upgrade your MYOB software? 

1.   Existing features have been modified to improve tremendously the way you do your work and saves you time.  

For example, the latest version of MYOB Accounting v18 / MYOB Premier v12  allows you to edit customer payment and supplier bill payment transactions, instead of deleting them.  This allows the user to rectify minor mistakes in the cheque date, cheque number, memo or bank account.  

Benefit : Reduces time spent entering data, especially when doing bank reconciliation.   

2.   New features introduced in the software which makes you more productive.

When MYOB Accounting v18 / MYOB Premier v12 was released, it includes the enhanced search functions that allows a user to search the Cards List by first name, address, city, postcode, phone number and email.  

Benefit : You can conduct a faster search for your customer especially if you have a long list of customers.  For example, you may not remember the client full name, but may remember part of the office address.  If you key in the words, say 'technology park' in the search by address field,  MYOB Accounting will show you the list of customers whose address contain part of the words searched for.        

3.  New features introduced in the software that improves your business image.

If you can't type well enough, and end up making spelling mistakes in your PO, or Invoice, then you will appreciate the spell checker feature introduced in the latest version of  MYOB Accounting v18 / MYOB Premier v12.  

Benefit : Never make embarrassing spelling mistakes any more in your official documents

4. The older versions of MYOB may not be compatible with the newer versions of operating system that comes with new PC's. 

MYOB's latest version of MYOB Accounting / MYOB Premier is compatible with Windows 7.   This means that you will get a product that will continue to work over the life of Windows 7.

In addition, if you are using older versions of MYOB Accounting program (MYOB Accounting v6 and before) which are installed in diskettes, or other versions of MYOB Accounting (version 13 and before) which require software keys, you may have trouble assessing your data in the old PC should your  old hardware dies.  

5.  MYOB upgrades can open older version datafiles, and can open datafiles accross MYOB platform

This means that you can open a MYOB Accounting file with the MYOB Premier application, and vice versa.

6.  MYOB only supports the last 3 versions of the software.

This policy, called  'sunset policy' means that MYOB technical team will not provide any support should you encounter technical problems using the older version.  You will have to upgrade to the latest version if you face technical challenges with the software.

7.  Add-on solutions to the latest version have been upgraded, so your software needs to keep up with the latest change.

8.  Upgrading your software often comes with 12 months support and subsidised classroom training.  

9.  Your company's policy is to keep your software updated at all times, and you have budgetted for it.

Upgrading your software comes down to personal preferences and business needs.   If you choose not to upgrade, you can still get support from your MYOB certified consultant who has worked with the earlier versions.


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