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Public Service Announcement (PSA)

We have received many requests for software quotation, and request for software downloads. Most times these requests do not reveal much of the business and the users' needs and wants. 

If you want us to help you, please let us know more about your business so that we can recommend the right solution for you.  We would like to build long term business relationships with all our clients, so we want to start on the right footing. 

Though MYOB software is sold as a off-the-shelf software, it is not to be lumped as a commodity that is to be judged by the price only.    

Not all software is made to be same, and not all training is of the same quality.

Don't make a decision to invest in any software or training, just by its price only. Price alone will not tell you anything about the extent of software's benefits to you as a user.  Neither does it tell of the consultants' ability to train and setup the solution. 

Unless you have seen a demo of the software, and hear for yourself the consultant's ability to deliver the solution to your needs, then only can you say you have made an informed decison.