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Backup, backup, backup

You should take regular backups of all your important and critical files, especially accounting, financial and legal data, in a separate physical location. 


MYOB Accounting software makes it easy to backup  

MYOB system will remind you to take a backup when you close your file for the day.  It will also remind you to take a backup when you are about to make a non-reversible option, such as merging a cardfile, or starting a new year.

MYOB software backs up it datafiles in zipped format.  


How regular should you do a backup for your accounting data.

If you open the MYOB program daily, then you do should take the backup on a daily basis.


How to do a backup in MYOB software

Go to file menu. Select backup.

Select the location where you want to store your backup.  The default backup location is the same place on your PC folder where you save your datafile.  PLEASE select an alternative location, say, external hard drive, or a thumb drive, or a CD.  

Give an appropriate name for the backup. 


Redundant backup storage

You should make many copies of your files.  And you should keep the backup at an offsite location.

Redundancy is one of the best ways to ensure that you don't lose important information, and so that you can continue working, even if a fire or storm damages your  office.  

You can also store your files 'in the cloud' by creating an online storage account with the many service providers.